Pork and Roll

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pork and roll
Nyari bakmi babi di central park.

Gather your friends and family to experience a selection of pork dish a la Indonesian, Chinese, Western and also Snack and Dessert.
For Chinese tenants we have : Tim Ho Wan, Schwenie Stark, Bee Cheng Hiang, Canton Paradise, Three in One, Kwecap Abong, and more….

For Western tenants, finds: Porkaholic, Up In Smoke, Fatback JKT, Heavens Grilled Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, and many more….

For indonesian kita punya: Babi Nusantara, Nasi Uduk Babi Buncit, Sei Kupang Yummy, Dendeng Pedes Non Ninny and more babi


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